Monthly Archives: September 2016

Drawer Organisation Made Easy and Flexible

There are some pretty cool hardware options around to help you make the most of your drawer space. I’ll tell you about two of those options today.

The first is a very flexible drawer divider system. This system from Blum can be individually customized to suit your drawer layout. You can create your own combination of sections or they have good range of pre-set combinations if you need to see some ideas first. It may seem like overkill at first glance, but even the young kids in our household know where to find the right cutlery.


The second item from our Blum range that I really like is the in-drawer knife block.

I like the fact that it keeps sharp knives out of sight of inquisitive toddlers or young children – many people have locking devices on their drawers but you can’t fence off an entire bench!
Although my wooden knife block was attractive to look at, it was constantly getting dusty or greasy from sitting on the bench and as a bonus you gain back some valuable food preparation space.
This knife block is slim line, holds quite a few knives and is tucked nicely away in a drawer.


There are other divider systems in the Blum range, as well as plate caddies and even wrap and foil holders. If you are looking to implement a system to transform your kitchen and use all the space you have to it’s best potential, have a chat to our designer or contact us via our website at Top Shelf Cabinets & Woodworking in Malaga, WA.