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Smart Kitchen Corner Storage

Many kitchens have at least one awkward corner which usually ends up being a tumble down pile of plastic containers.


In days gone by a Lazy Susan or a strange kidney shaped shelf was used to swing items from the back to the front. Neither of these items seemed to gain much useful space.

Here is one of the latest options that Top Shelf Cabinets & Woodworking loves to use.




The unit has two banks of metal baskets. Simply pull the first set of baskets out using the handle (see top left of first picture above) and slide to the side to reveal the second set of basket storage. This can then also be pulled forward for easy access. Additionally there is a soft close feature to this unit, so it won’t slam back into place.

Not everyone is a fan of a basket base, especially if small lids are involved, however you could easily add a thin base board or sheet of stiff card to the bottom of each basket.

At Top Shelf we ensure we use the appropriate hinges so the cupboard door opens fully to allow the unit to slide in and out without catching or rubbing.

This particular unit was sourced from on of our trusted suppliers Galvin Hardware.

Stay tuned for our next blog post on keeping your cutlery drawer tidy.