Monthly Archives: March 2014

Block – Kitchens

We sat down to watch kitchen week on The Block expecting to see some high end, ground breaking ideas. What did we see? Kitchens by the Good Guys! We didn’t see that coming.

The Good Guys must have spent a fortune to secure that piece of product placement. Is that what you would expect in a multi million dollar apartment though? Not in our opinion.

Over the last couple of years we have seen many ‘big chain’ stores starting to sell kitchens and kitchen components. Is this making your life easier? We don’t think so.

When you speak to a cabinet maker at Top Shelf Cabinets & Woodworking you get a much more personalised experience, backed by real industry knowledge.

If you can buy draw runners (at much inflated retail rates) and even a new kitchen bench top, surely they must be easy to install yourself? That depends on your own experience, but it is not every home handyman that can create seamless joins in a bench top or perfectly level, evenly spaced drawers.

If you want a full range of options, from the best suppliers in Australia broaden your search beyond chain stores. Don’t be under the belief that custom made just means more expensive.

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