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Handles for the Kitchen

While there is no one handle to suit every kitchen, there are a few ground rules to follow when selecting your handles.

1) Choose a handle proportionate to the door or drawer front. If the handle is too small you may have trouble opening the door. If it is too big it may look clunky. It is usually possible to get the same handle style in different sizes to suit different parts of the kitchen.


2) If you have drawers it is better to choose one long centrally located handle rather than 2 short handles or knobs. This ensures even opening of the drawer and can prolong the life of your runners.

3) Consider the foot traffic in the room. It is not unusual to step sideways around the kitchen. Handles with a T style end can catch on pockets and clothes generally.


4) Look at your appliances. Taking style clues from your oven handle (shape and colour) can be helpful. Likewise with your dishwasher or microwave.

5) Choose something that is easy to wipe clean as handles will get used during cooking.

6) Don’t be afraid to have some fun if you want!

handles 1

There are many, many handles to choose from.


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